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Price: US$325,000

Full Disclosure

Nobody wants any nasty surprises! 

This is a serious price reflecting Tatsu's age and condition. We think Tatsu is a great boat at a great price compared to others in the market. There is rarely a boat of the same age, in the exact same condition, to make a true like-for-like comparison.

One may be cheaper but is ex-charter, showing heavy wear-and-tear. Perhaps it has had lots of equipment replaced but undisclosed collisions and very high engine hours can make these boats less attractive or more risky.

One may be far more expensive but comes equipped with lithium batteries and a huge solar array, plus air con and a huge generator.

Having been through the difficulties of boat-buying ourselves, we believe that drawing a potential buyer's attention to some key facts will speed up your decision-making process about whether Tatsu is the boat for you or not. 

Air conditioning & generator:

Like most boats originating in the Mediterranean, this boat is not equipped with air conditioning or a generator. We have not found them necessary at all and can meet our power needs through the solar and occasional engine use. However, we recognise that air con is a desirable inclusion on boats in the Caribbean or USA. We have therefore already priced the boat to take this into account.